Man Who Discovered Rogaine, Propecia Proclaims: 

"THIS Is The Best Formula To Regrow Hair I Have Ever Seen, And I've Seen Them All" 

From the desk of Dr. Gregory Smith, Harvard Medical School
Are you struggling with hair loss?

Thinning? Bald spots? Receding hairline?

Tired of watching your hair go down the drain?

Well, we might just have the answer to your prayers.

I believe I've discovered a revolution in hair regrowth - and I can prove it with hundreds of real-life case studies.

It’s so revolutionary that John Satino, the man who did the original research on Rogaine and Propecia said:
This is the man who discovered every major hair restoration device and formula you’ve ever heard of.

From Rogaine to Propecia to laser hair growth, Dr. Satino has been at the forefront of it all.

He still owns a hair growth clinic in Tampa Florida… 
But THIS is the formula he’s recommending to all his patients now. 

And their results are incredible. 

I know because it worked for me.

And my own scientific studies showed that it worked on every single person who tried it.

Yes, every single person in these studies saw massive regrowth of hair.   

Even people who were beyond hope.   

People who had accepted that they would be bald for the rest of their lives. 

Now they have hair!   

And lots of it. 

Gorgeous, thick, run-your-hands-through-it hair. 

And now you can too. 

Hi I’m Dr. Gregory Smith. 

I’m a Harvard trained medical doctor.   

I served our country in Operation Desert Storm in the 90’s.

And I did my residency at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Virginia.
I’ve helped thousands of people with every health problem you can imagine.   

But this is my greatest achievement. 

See, I know the agony and panic you feel as you watch your hair fall out.

You immediately start taking pictures of the top of your head in different lighting… 

You start using a second mirror to see how much hair you’re actually losing…
You ask your barber if its getting worse… 

You start trying thickening shampoos… 

Wearing hats… 

You look much older and sick. 

It’s awful. 

My hair began falling out when I was in the Army.
Yep, I even tried one of these things
Every time I took a shower or combed my hair I watched precious hairs fall away forever.
I rarely allowed my hair to be photographed, and you can see why.
I would find hairs on my clothes, on the floor, even in my food.   

Then the little I had left, looked so much thinner! 

I felt like I couldn’t win.

I thought there’s nothing I could do unless I chose hair restoration.  

Every time I found hair falling out, the panic would get a little worse. 

  • I wondered if I was sick.   
  • I wondered if I had cancer or an auto-immune disease. 
  • I wondered if I had bad genes.
And I wondered how much longer I had before it was all gone. 

I bet you can relate. 

We don’t realize how important our hair is until it starts disappearing. 

Society just values people with nice hair more.

A study published in 2005 showed that men who were losing their hair were far more likely to be depressed.1

Another study showed that women with alopecia were three times more likely to have a negative body image.2

But you knew that. 

Bald may be beautiful for some people, but balding is just plain ugly.

Especially on me! I’ll be the first to admit it. 

Like you, I tried different hairstyles, chemicals, shampoos, even prescription drugs.

But nothing worked. And it affected me deeply.  

I could get all dressed up, feel really good about where I was with my weight and how everything fit...

...but when I checked myself out before I left the house I was embarrassed.

None of it mattered.
I looked so much older. I didn't feel attractive. It killed me.

I saw the sparkle in my wife’s eyes fade away.

(In fact, my hair loss might have cost me my first marriage.)

It affected my confidence in every thing I did. 
Now I LOVE showing off my hair. 
No more silly hats or combovers!
But now I can honestly say I have MORE hair than I did in my 30’s. 

And it has made my life better by leaps and bounds. 

My colleagues notice, my friends notice. 

And now I'm dating women much younger than me.

See, a chance encounter at a medical conference changed everything.   

That encounter gave me an idea that I had to test.
So I teamed up with the man who discovered Rogaine and Propecia, Dr. John Satino, to help me test this idea. 

We ran two separate double-blind, placebo studies.   

That is the gold standard for research studies.   

Through this research, we discovered what REALLY causes hair loss.  

See all those solutions we’ve been sold over the years only address one part of the problem: they sometimes slow down hair loss. 

But to truly REGROW hair we need a two-pronged approach.


And to do that we must understand not just WHY you’re losing your hair…. 

But why we have hair in the first place!  

Do you know why we have hair? I bet you’ve never really thought about it. 

I’ll tell you why in a minute.   

The answer will reveal how we can regrow thick, gorgeous, long hair.
This is the only solution in the world that addresses BOTH problems with such success.

And we can do it without harsh chemicals, horrible side effects or painful surgery.

Its a rare nutrient that can regrow your hair that comes from a mysterious, little-known region of Mongolia.  

Natives there have been using it for centuries.  

And they still use it to grow hair that is so healthy they cut it off and sell it to Americans!

This is the breakthrough the world has been waiting for, and its finally ready for you to try it too.

This is how leading men and women in Hollywood regain their sex appeal at age 50 and 60 .

This is how every day folks like you will finally have a gorgeous mane of thick, lustrous hair.

You can wear it as long or as short as you want to. And in any style.  

Heck after you use this product for a while you might even be able to sell your hair too!  

Nothing on the market today works like this.  

Now you’ll finally understand why everything you’ve tried so far just slowed your hair loss…   

If it did anything at all. 

Nothing you’ve tried so far has actually restored your hair growth, right?

Well, prepare to be amazed. I know I was.
My patients say they’ve never felt better about themselves.
  • They are getting more promotions at work.   
  • They are having more sex.
  • They feel like they’ve aged in reverse in a few months time. 
  • They look and feel younger than they have in decades.
And now I’m ready to release it to the world.  

I truly believe this can be the end of baldness. 

But, I understand you're probably skeptical. 

I was too.

That’s why I recruited

Dr. John Satino,

the father of modern hair loss research, to help me.

He was lead researcher for Rogaine and Propecia. 

But he knew from personal experience that those products have some nasty side effects.
Rogaine was originally a blood pressure drug before they noticed it could help regrow hair. 

But it can also affect your blood pressure, so many people just can’t take it. 

And Propecia commonly causes ED in men.   

And it can cause strange hormone reactions in women. 

In fact, the side effects are so bad the makers of Propecia have stopped promoting it. 

So Dr. Satino was beyond excited to help me find something that really worked - without horrible side effects. 

This solution can actually restore your natural hormone balance.  

That’s part of the reason why it works so well. 

So you’re probably wondering how it works. 

Let me explain.  

As I mentioned we must take a two-phase approach.

First we STOP THE SHED.   

Usually we lose our hair because of hormones. 

For men, it’s because of a hormone called DHT.   

For women, it's usually a different set of hormones I will explain in a moment.

Dihydrotestosterone causes the hair follicles on the head to shrink.   

It also shortens the growth cycle of hair.   

That means whatever hair that you do grow will be thinner, shorter and more brittle.  

DHT can also make the follicles on the rest of your body expand and grow MORE hair.

That’s why many bald men often have thick hair on their backs and chests. 

But taking this nutrient I’m about to show you blocks DHT. 

It does this by blocking your DHT receptors. 
Block those receptors, and the follicles on your head will stop shrinking. 

It’s simple, but not easy. 

Luckily this nutrient does just that. 3 4 

Now for women, most hair loss occurs around the time of menopause.  

This is when hormone imbalances are wreaking havoc on women’s bodies. 

But in younger women stress hormones are also known to cause hair loss too.   

To stop the shed in women, we must balance the female hormones.   

And perhaps the most effective way ever is through the endocannabinoid system. 
The endocannabinoid system helps rebalance female hormones tied to hair loss. 

It also controls everything from stress hormone balance to how your body regulates its own temperature. 

And for the guys reading this, activating your endocannabinoid system has positive effects on male hormones, too.  

It just ensures your biology is working as nature intended!
But let’s get back to how this nutrient fights female hair loss. 

It all comes down to cortisol.

Cortisol is your main stress hormone. 
And this nutrient has been shown to lower cortisol levels by 35%. 5

That’s a HUGE DEAL when it comes to keeping your hair and even growing it back...

…Because this ‘calming down’ effect is balancing your hormone levels. 

And if we rebalance your hormones to natural levels, we can stop the shed. 

This nutrient does that better than anything we’ve ever discovered.

But don’t forget part two…that’s where most other remedies fail.

After we stop the shed we must revive hair growth

You want to grow back a thick, shiny, full head of hair, the type that gets noticed and ages you backwards, right?

So how do we revive hair growth?  

The answer lies in WHY we have hair.   

Why does hair grow? 

Have you ever thought about that?

It has nothing to do with vanity, although hair can truly elevate your appearance… 

Hair grows for one very practical reason: Thermo-regulation.   

Which is a fancy way of saying: your hair is there to keep your head warm

That’s why 3 different studies showed that hair shed is highest during hot summer months. 6

One study looked at Google search results and found that hair loss searches spikes in the summer.  7 

Another study proves that shedding slows or even reverses during winter months.  8
And we see it in indigenous people too.   

Around the equator where it’s hot, native people tend to have short, curly hair. 
And we see it in native populations too.   

Around the equator where it’s hot, native people tend to have short, curly hair. 
But in the arctic, natives often use their hair as a coat. 
But in the arctic, natives often use their hair as a coat. 
That’s probably why we don’t see very many bald Vikings. 
That’s probably why we don’t see very many bald Vikings. 
So to jumpstart the hair growth cycle, all we have to do is convince your follicles that it's freezing cold.  

No not like this:  

We can do it with 

natural nutrients.

And the one that is proven to work best, I’ve spent a career researching.  

See, I was sitting at a conference in 2019 when a researcher said something that hit me like a bolt of lightning. 

The presenter was talking about how certain nutrients affect CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body. 

These receptors regulate pain, metabolism, and dozens of different processes.
But he said that there was one place that had more CB1 receptors than any other place in the body: hair follicles! 

It was a revelation to me at the time.   

This was at the height of my hair loss, too, so I was inspired.  

It was so bad I was wearing a hat in public to hide my shame. 

I had even gone to John Satino’s clinic to look into hair plugs, but they cost a fortune and I didn’t want to deal with the months-long recovery. 

So I rushed home and started some experimentation on myself that same week with this nutrient. 

The results were pretty good. I was regrowing hair slowly but surely. 

But I still didn't understand why. 

I knew it had something to do with these CB1 receptors that are concentrated in my hair, but how the heck it was working, was beyond me. 

So I dug in further.
And I discovered this nutrient plays a vital role in the hair growth cycle. 

As I said there are more CB1 receptors in your scalp follicles than in any other part of the body.   

These are also part of the endocannabinoid system I mentioned earlier.
The ECS helps your body regulate its internal temperature. 

Cold weather turns off these CB1 receptors… 

Which then tells your body to grow hair. 

And almost miraculously , this nutrient also turns off the CB1 receptor just like cold weather does…

…we can get the same effect - without the ice bath or hanging out in a blizzard.   

It literally mimics the effect of cold weather to inspire hair growth! 9
So the secret to fighting hair loss and growing back your hair starts with balancing your hormones then we revise growth by tricking the body to thinking it’s cold.  

It’s simple, but not easy. 

Well, not easy if you’re trying to do it with Rogaine, Propecia or anything like that.
It’s incredibly easy when you starting taking this nutrient daily because it does both!  

It can balance your hormones and tell your body to start growing hair. 

And the results from my first study proved this nutrient could truly turn off the CB1 receptor and grow hair. 

And the results blew me and John Satino away. 

The result was thick, gorgeous hair that my patients just loved running their hands through.

The First Study Was A Huge Success 

These were good results, but we were just getting started...

We took 35 men and women and counted every single hair on one section of their head. 

Then we had them apply my first formula to their scalp once a day for 6 months. 

This formula contained this nutrient in an incredibly concentrated dose - potent but very safe.  

The results were remarkable.  

The average user had 93.5% MORE hair. 15  

That’s DOUBLE the amount of hair they started out with! 

And every single test subject had more hair than when they started. 

And my testers were thrilled. 

They couldn’t believe how easy it was.  

With other hair loss products you have to put them on several times a day. 

And often times those products are smelly.  

Or they make your head feel weird. 

But with my solution, there were no negative side effects reported! 

My patients loved it!

As you know, other hair products can cause everything from ED to depression.

So, Dr. John Satino was really impressed with our results and lack of side effects

Those numbers were even little better than some he had seen in his previous research. 

We had our research reviewed by other scientists, which is called peer review.  

Eventually it was published in several scientific journals.
This was our first study done on this nutrient
But John and I were just getting started.  

We knew with slight tweaks to the formula we could get even better results.  

So we did a second clinical study, this time with almost 50 people.

We upped the dosage of this nutrient and concentrated even more….   

And we added a couple more ingredients we thought would help, too 

And after trying it on ourselves first, we knew we nailed it. 

The results blew our minds. 

Our second study showed a

increase in hair!16

That’s 3.5 times the amount of hair you have on your head right now! 

And although this was an average across patients, every single subject had more hair than when they started.

This meant it worked for EVERYONE

John Satino had NEVER seen results this good.
There was major growth even for ‘lost cause’ bald people.

And people who had mild hair loss saw great results too.

And our test subjects kept growing thick, silky hair after the study ended, they insisted we keep sending them the product!

Unbelievable right? 

And now people send me their results every day.

So you’re probably wondering what the incredible nutrient is.

It’s called ‘varin’.   

Varin is the only natural nutrient that can both STOP THE SHED, and REVIVE HAIR GROWTH. 

This powerful but rare nutrient only appears in certain hemp plants.   

See, I’ve been conducting research on hemp for decades.  

I have found it to be an incredible solution for everything from pain to weight loss.

But it wasn’t until that conference I attended that I realized what varin could do for hair growth. 

But to grow the most amount of hair in the least amount of time…

We need hemp with a high varin concentration.   

Most American and European hemp has almost no varin. 

The hemp strain with the highest count of this nutrient in the world is found in Mongolia.  
The strain we use comes the lush mountains of Mongolia

These are not your typical hemp plants.  

Most hemp plants in the US look like bushes.   

They’re usually 6-7 feet tall at most.

These Mongolian plants look more like trees.
This is the farm where our varin-rich plants are grown and harvested
They grow to be 20 feet tall. 

And the native Mongolians have been using them for centuries as part of their diet and even for medicinal purposes.

That probably explains why Mongolians have such thick, long hair. 

Often Mongolian babies are born with a full head of hair.

There’s even a formal ceremony when a Mongolian child gets its first hair cut.

They have so much hair they often cut it into unusual shapes and patterns to impress the opposite sex.

And that’s why Mongolians happily cut their hair and sell it to Americans.

This is where the hair for many hair extensions come from.

Hair is ingrained in their culture, because they have so much of it! 

Pretty wild, right? 

This Mongolian hemp extract is the perfect nutrient to both rebalance hormones that cause hair loss and to block the CB1 receptor.   

That tells your body to grow thick, strong hair FAST. 

And the natural terpenes found in this hemp are absorbed into your blood and naturally balance your hormone levels.

That’s why my varin formula can lower DMT and stress hormone levels and STOP the SHED.
Most of the real hair extensions you see on the market come from Mongolia!

But as I learned from my first study to the second, you need more than just this mysterious nutrient to get maximum results

For the second study, I also add a healthy dose of menthol from natural peppermint oil to the formula.  

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear menthol? 

It has a cooling sensation, right?
Again, we’re trying to trick your hair follicles into thinking it’s cold! 

Studies have shown that menthol stimulates another receptor on hair follicles that results in a longer growth phase. 10
Then, the icing on the cake. 

I added a small dose of caffeine to really boost your hair growth. 

See, caffeine seems to ‘wake up’ sleeping hair follicles. 
In fact, at least two different studies showed that caffeine applied to the scalp both stopped the shed and revived hair growth. 13 14
In two of the studies caffeine worked better than minoxidil, that’s the drug in Rogaine! 

Don’t worry though, in each dose there’s less caffeine than a few sips of coffee… 

And very little of it would enter your bloodstream anyway since you’re spraying it on your scalp. 

So with this formula we can grow thicker, stronger hair strands that can grow longer too.
It’s a common misconception that hair will grow forever if you don’t cut it. 

Not true. 

For most people once their gets a certain length, the hair becomes so brittle that it breaks and falls out. 

This limits how long your hair could ever be.

But with my solution, your hair strands will be thicker, silkier and LONGER than ever. 

That was the amazing thing about my studies.  

Not only did have MORE hair, but they had BETTER hair.  

It was stronger, thicker, and acted like 'young' hair.  

Not brittle, kinky or wiry like 'older' hair.

If you have spindly, weed-like hair now, you’ll have tree-like hair after my solution! 

Then you can grow your hair as long as you want.  

You’ll happily go back to the hair stylist more often when you have the gorgeous hair of your youth back! 

And I also included these powerful ingredients to boost your hair growth FAST: 
Saw palmetto lowers DHT uptake in men and women. Remember DHT is the #1 cause of hair loss for men. 11
Saw palmetto lowers DHT uptake in men. Remember DHT is the #1 cause of hair loss for men.
Green tea extract has been shown to boost hair growth in men. 12
Green tea extract has been shown to boost hair growth in men.
With this amazing formula, you’ll grow more hair than you ever thought possible.

Just imagine what it will feel like to have so much more hair.

You’ll be the envy of your friends and family. 

No more worrying about sunburning your head.

Or wearing goofy looking hats and hairstyles to cover your thinning hair.

No more humiliating appointments at the hair salon.

And so I’m thrilled to invite you to the official release of the product that John Satino and I believe is going to solve hair loss forever: 


Just 4 sprays a day on bald and balding spots 
can restore your hair!
Truvarin is just full spectrum hemp extract with high levels of varins and peppermint… 

At the exact levels that are needed for maximum hair growth.   

This is the giant leap that mankind has been waiting for when it comes to hair loss. 

I truly believe this formula can end baldness, and my studies back that up.
And this formula works FAST.   

You should start seeing results in a few weeks and your hair will just get thicker with time. 

My formula sprays on in a fine mist.   

It soaks into your scalp easily - so it won’t make your hair greasy.

See my product uses patented PurZorb technology. 

PurZorb is a way to make oils like varins water-soluble.

This means it’s up to 79% more absorbable. 
As you know your body is about 60% water.

So if you put oil into your body, it won’t absorb easily.

But if you use PurZorb you’ll absorb 79% more.

And it just feels like water on your scalp, not oil.
TruVarin has a very subtle but pleasant peppermint smell. 

Those other solutions smell like chemicals and make your scalp feel gross. 

The hair loss foams I used before smelled awful.   

I would never go out with it on my head, so I’d sit around wait for it to dry. 

With Truvrain you can simply spray and go. 

It will give your head a nice, cool tingle.
The ingredients are all natural, non-addictive and have no side effects.

This product can help balance your hormones, so you won’t have to worry about… 

ED, mood swings, or hot flashes with Truvarin. 

Now you’ll have your hair, and so much more confidence in your appearance.

But a lot of people are confused about my products.

They wonder: why haven’t I seen this everywhere? 

Why isn’t this in the news? Or available in stores? 

Well we’re just now finished with the second study.   

I’ve been ‘in the lab’ for the last 4 years, perfecting this formula. 

And now it’s finally ready. 

So you’re seeing the first release of this product. 
Just spray TruVarin on in the morning as you're getting ready for your day. It has a cool, soothing feeling.
You’re getting in on the ground floor. 

But only after 100’s of patients have tried it and proved there are…. 

No side effects… 

…only natural hair growth. 

We plan to make this available in stores in a next few years.  

But retailers take forever to approve and distribute products.   

Plus their mark-ups are outrageous. 

You’ll get a much better deal buying from me directly. 

And you can tell your friends you got the first release that solved your hair loss crisis for good! 

So now you’re wondering how much does this cost? 

Well as you can imagine, it's not easy getting our ingredients from Mongolia. 

The global supply chain issues have tripled our costs in just the last few months. 

During our studies we paid a fraction of what we are paying now for ingredients. 

There are shipping backups, labor shortages, we even have trouble getting the bottles! 

But we’ve ordered a special shipment for this launch.
We’re not sure when we can get more, but I can assure you - you will get enough for your first 6 months if you order today at the lowest price we can offer. 

You can order smaller quantities to test, but I can’t guarantee there will be more when you see your amazing results. 

But what if you don’t like your results? We haven’t seen that yet, but we don’t feel like you should pay a penny if you’re unsatisfied. ? 

You see, I hate the tactics of other hair loss companies.   

They make returns and refunds almost impossible.   

And the trial length is too short! 

How are you supposed to decide if you like a product in 60 days? Or even 90?  

I know a lot of products that work great for a while and then seem to stop. 

Not so with Truvarin, we have people from our first trial who are still taking it and still love it. 

So I made a decision that frankly made my accountant and my lawyer angry. 

I’m offering a

That’s right, if at ANY TIME you’re not happy with Truvarin, just email my support staff and you’ll get all your money back. 

It’s that easy. 

Remember, every single person in my studies saw new growth.  

And most saw at least 250% more hair in my second study.
So, I know you’ll love TruVarin.  

But in case you don’t - don’t worry.   
You have my lifetime guarantee. 

You’re not risking a dime with Truvarin  

Get results or your money back. Its that simple. 
Now in our introductory period we’re offering special discounts. 

Sure, we tested TruVarin on over 100 people.  

But we need more feedback!  

So you can get 3 FREE bottles when you order 3 at the regular price.
I’d love to give this away for free! 

But the life of a researcher is one of relative poverty. 

I made far more money when I had my clinic and saw patients every day. 

But, I’m truly passionate about this and perhaps it will turn into something big.

I have priced TruVarin way under hair growth procedures

I’ll make enough to pay off the costs for research we’ve done and hopefully can reinvest the proceeds into the company for more R&D, that’s what I love!  

My goal is for anyone who wants more hair to have it, so I’ve made it as affordable as possible.
So don’t wait, now is your chance to finally get the thick, beautiful hair you once had back.

Before you go, I want you to hear two quick stories from one of the people who tried the TruVarin formula in my first study:

The Longer Our Clients Use TruVarin, The More Hair They Have!

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Regular Price

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Now if you’re still reading and haven't clicked the button below yet… 

I know you’re still having some nagging little doubts. 

And maybe you still have some questions you need answered. 

My team has listed the most common questions and answers.   

If you don’t see your answer below, feel free to email my team at the address below. 

But if you still have a little doubt, I don’t blame you.  

Frankly, I wouldn’t believe this was true if I hadn’t seen it for myself. 

I know you’ve probably had some bad experiences in the past.
Rest assured, I have tested this formula extensively and have never seen a negative reaction. 

It’s completely natural and safe for you to use. 

And your information is completely safe with my encrypted checkout system. 

Plus, with my LIFETIME guarantee there’s no way you can lose.
There is no risk, you just have to take the next step. 

So if you’re tired of see more scalp than skin. 

Tired of the weird hairstyles to cover up your head… 

Tired of the depression that comes with watching your hair fall away forever… 

Tired of expensive treatments, scary side effects, or stuff that just plain doesn’t work… 

...maybe now you are thinking about DRASTIC MEASURES?

If you are, you owe it to yourself to try this first. 

You can still have thick, gorgeous hair that your special someone will love running their fingers through… 

But you have to start TODAY. 

Don’t wait another minute, click the button below and start your journey toward a full head of hair now. 

Before you know it you'll have amazing hair that you'll show off to friends.

Thanks for coming… 

Dr. Gregory Smith

MD, Harvard MPH

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Regular Price

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is in TruVarin?

The formula is simple but powerful. It's just varin-rich hemp oil, MCT oil as a carrier, ethanol and peppermint oil, distilled water, saw palmetto, dimethicone (which is a natural moisturizer), caffeine, and green tea extract. ALL of these ingredients have been proven to regrow hair.  See the scientific references below for more information.

Are these ingredients dangerous? What are the side effects?

Because TruVarin is all natural there are no negative side effects. In fact some of our clients report that they have lost weight, which is a proven benefit of varin-rich hemp oil. It is non-addictive and easy on your skin. Our products are manufactured in an FDA, NSF, and GMP certified facility, so you know its high quality and safe to use.

How do I know it will work?

Harvard's Dr. Gregory Smith, along with Rogaine researcher Dr. John Satino, conducted two full clinical studies on this formula. The first study showed that it increased hair count by 96%. The second proved it increased hair count increased by 246%.

Why isn't it available in stores?

It probably will be someday.  But that process takes years.  We want to get this into your hands now, because we know you don't want to wait.

What if I don't like it?

We carry the ONLY lifetime guarantee in the hair restoration industry.  If you're unhappy with your results at any time, 10 days or 10 years from now, you'll get your money back.  

How long will it take to get it?

Shipping takes about 5-7 business days.  

How do I use it?

Just spray it on once a day with 4 pumps on bald and balding spots.  Most people like to spray it in the morning after they've showered and prepared their hair for the day.  It has a cool, soothing feeling.  

Can I get it outside of the US?

Sorry no, only available in the US today.

How do I order?

Simply click on the button below, fill in your information, select the package you'd like to receive, and press complete order!